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Leah Wyrick founded Three Strands Recovery Wear in 2018 during her freshman year at Wake Forest University in Winston-Salem, NC. Motivated by her mother Nancy’s journey through a breast cancer diagnosis in 2016, which involved a mastectomy and three subsequent surgeries due to complications, Leah witnessed the challenges of recovery, particularly concerning drains and uncomfortable bras. Inspired by her mother’s experience, Leah embarked on a mission to address the stagnation in today’s surgical bras, aiming to provide meaningful solutions for others facing similar challenges. 

We would not be where we are today without the love and support extended by our patients, physician partners, friends, and family. Our mission is to reach and positively influence as many patients as possible through the innovative Resilience Bra, and we’re seeking your support to achieve this. Let’s connect and explore ways we can collaborate to make a global impact with our product.

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Current recovery bras today only provide the bare minimumforcing patients to develop their own solutions to post-surgical complications, such as creating drain pocket holders from aprons and beer koozies or even resorting to taping drains to their skin.Not only do competitor bras lack critical features for recovery, they also lack the comfort patients need during the 0-8 weeks post-surgery period.



The Resilience Bra combines multiple unique features targeted to reduce the risk of complications from occurring, provide greater comfort to patients and promote confidence in women through unique, colorful patterns.

Our product includes unique features to help aid in the comfort of each patient. 

  • Soft, breathable fabric
  • Flexible and supportive front closure
  • Padded Shoulder Straps
  • Adjustable Compression Band
  • Drain Pocket Holders
  • Internal Pockets

The Resilience Bra was created with the input of over 200 physicians and patients so that its design includes all the necessary features a patient needs for their healing journey.


Listen to a Resilience Bra patient  speak about the difficulties of finding the right post-surgical bra & how the Resilience Bra helped change the game for her 5th surgery!


The Resilience Bra Knocks Out the Competition!

Today, competitor post-surgical bras fall short in providing a comprehensive solution that manages post-surgical drains, adapts to a patient’s changing body throughout the healing process, offers the comfort needed for 24/7 wear and is aesthetically pleasing to help restore self-confidence in patients. The Resilience Bra solves all of the critical challenges faced by patients with our patented features.

  • Unparalleled Quality & Comfort

    Crafted from premium materials 

    for sensitive skin.

  • Affordable Pricing

    Providing financially accessible recovery garments to all. 

  • Empowering Community

    Fostering strength through a supportive community platform.

  • Enhanced Healing Experience through Thoughtful Design

    Products crafted over four years with empathy and detail at the forefront. 

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"I had four different surgeries during my breast cancer journey. Two of them were due to complications that I had wearing the surgical bra that was provided to me after surgery. If I would have worn the Resilience Bra, my healing process would have been more comfortable, especially with the adjustable bands and detachable drain bulb pockets."


"Finally! A garment that addresses every aspect of post operative care for breast surgery patients. The Resilience Bra is a game changer!"

Dr. Samuel Roy | Plastic Surgeon at Piedmont Plastic Surgery

“After reading the inspiring story about Leah and her company on biz, I was looking to purchase this bra for a friend who had just gone through double mastectomy surgery. Leah personally reached out after I placed my order and rushed the bra to her so she would have it as quickly as possible. This bra has provided much comfort to my friend. She loves the fabric and the fit and it has provided support post surgery. Today I will be ordering another bra.”


“After waking up from my bi-lateral mastectomy, the recovery wear was suitable, but not comfortable. The sides of the bra put tremendous pressure on my drainage sites. My plastic surgeon had given me the resilience bra to try, and wow! What a difference!! It’s comfortable, adjustable, and supportive! I highly recommend for anyone who is going through breast surgery!”


“The Resilience Bra is a game changer in the compression bra industry. It has all the components needed for all around usage from breast surgery, drainage tube holders that come off when no longer needed and beyond. It is unique in that the fabric feels so comfortable. It is very adjustable for compression needs from the shoulder straps to the band. It has eye appeal. In my 27 years of fitting bras this goes over and beyond and has a very useful place in this industry. There is very much a need for the Resilience Bra.”

Ramona H.

"For the past month we have been having actual patients try the finished bra after having cancer surgery. The reviews have been overwhelmingly positive, and patients have found them to be
more comfortable and usable than the ones we have been using at the hospital. Patients like to feel that effort has been put into their comfort, and that is apparent with the Resilience Bra."

Andrew Schneider, MD, FACS Chief of Staff Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

"After having multiple surgeries, my #1 and most frequent post op complications revolved around drains, and bulb placement. This bra provided perfect placement pockets to hold the drain bulbs so that they would sit where I could wear them comfortably under my clothes - feeling less awkward and in the way."