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Introduction to 3 Minutes with Three Strands

"3 Minutes with Three Strands" is a new series aimed at raising awareness about the Resilience Bra, a post-surgical bra designed for those who have undergone mastectomy or similar breast-related surgeries. The series features Leah Wyrick, the CEO of Three Strands, her mother Nancy Wyrick who inspired the creation of the bra.  

The episodes will not only showcase the features of the Resilience Bra but also delve into its development, driven by Nancy's personal experience and the need for more advanced and comprehensive post-surgical bras. The series promises to share personal stories from breast cancer survivors like Nancy and insights from medical professionals encountered over the past six years.

The primary goal of "3 Minutes with Three Strands" is to empower women by providing them with information about what to expect before and after surgery concerning their recovery bra and beyond. Additionally, the series aims to educate viewers about the benefits of the Resilience Bra and the broader mission of Three Strands Recovery Wear.

For those interested, more information about Three Strands Recovery Wear, including retail locations, online purchasing options, and ambassador opportunities, can be found on their website at Questions can also be directed to their email at info@threestrandsrecoverywear.comIf you are interested in purchasing the Resilience Bra please use our store locator to find the nearest Resilience Bra to you or find it online here

It's important to note that while the series provides valuable insights and personal experiences, it is not a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Viewers are encouraged to consult their physicians or healthcare providers regarding any medical concerns.

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