Let's say goodbye to koozie drain holders

The Hard Truth

Recovery bras today only provide the bare minimum which has forced patients to come up with their own inventions like using beer koozies and aprons for drain pocket holders. Not only do they lack the features, but they also lack the comfort patients need as they wear their bra for the first week’s post-surgery.

The Resilience Bra

The Resilience Bra, a patent pending recovery bra, which combines multiple unique features targeted to reduce the risk of infections, provide greater comfort to patients and promote confidence in women through unique, colorful patterns.

Our product includes four unique features to help aid in the comfort of each patient which include Detachable Shoulder Straps, Adjustable Bands, Drain Pocket Holders, and Interior Drain Pocket for Tubing. The Resilience Bra was created with physician and patient input so that its design includes everything a patient needs to have a proper and manageable recovery.


Testing the Resilience bra

The Resilience Bra is currently going through testing phases with women across the country to gain valuable feedback on our product from patients themselves. This feedback will allow us to make necessary revisions to our product before we launch it in the marketplace so that we can provide women like you with the best post-surgical recovery bra. 

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