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The Resilience Bra


The Resilience Bra is a post-surgical bra that offers comfort, support, and adjustability through all stages of the healing journey.




The Resilience Bra is designed for every step of recovery by offering uniform comfort, support, and adjustability to best serve you throughout your healing journey. The Resilience Bra supports all types of breast surgeries including mastectomies, lumpectomies, breast reconstruction, augmentations, explants, lifts and reductions.


  • Flexible and supportive front closure can be used to hold surgical
    dressings in place.
  • Padded Adjustable Shoulder Straps allow for easy adjustment for caregivers and
    patients with limited arm movement.
  • Adjustable Compression Band allow for easy adjustment around rib cage with ability to tighten to loosen each side for maximum comfort or compression during
    all times of the day.
  • Drain Pocket Holders accommodate for up for two drains at one time and
    front is made mesh material to easily see drain output and color.
  • Drain Tubing Loops allow for drain tubing security against the body;
    limiting opportunity for tubing to be ripped or tugged during everyday life
    after recovery.
  • Interior Pockets can be used to hold a breast prothesis, puff, or icepack.
  • Remove the drain pockets to transform the Resilience Bra into a comfortable sports bra, perfect for everyday wear for the coming months. 
To find the perfect fit for the Resilience Bra, please refer to the sizing guide provided above. As you select your size, we recommend considering the possibility of post-surgical swelling for a comfortable and optimal fit.

Additional information

Weight 0.05 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 13 × 1 in

Medium, Large, XL, 2XL, 3XL

5 reviews for The Resilience Bra

  1. Christine B (verified owner)

    After reading the inspiring story about Leah and her company on biz, I was looking to purchase this bra for a friend who had just gone through double mastectomy surgery. Leah personally reached out after I placed my order and rushed the bra to her so she would have it as quickly as possible.
    This bra has provided much comfort to my friend. She loves the fabric and the fit and it has provided support post surgery. Today I will be ordering another bra. Thank you Leah.

  2. Stephanie Conner

    After waking up from my bi-lateral mastectomy, the recovery wear was suitable, but not comfortable. The sides of the bra put tremendous pressure on my drainage sites. My plastic surgeon had given me the resilience bra to try, and wow! What a difference!! It’s comfortable, adjustable, and supportive! I highly recommend for anyone who is going through breast surgery!

  3. Julia carlson

    So soft !! Dont pinch rub super comfortable fantastic bra way better then the others i’v used so great im ordering 2 more

  4. GW

    *helps when sleeping
    * makes you feel protected in a very sensitive area of the body
    * it is like a security blanket
    *game changer
    * each week the plastic surgeon to fill her expanders. The chest feels heavy when the fluid is being added, but the bra makes you feel so supported the weight of the extra fluid goes away.
    * looks very modern
    *” a modern’s person version of breast cancer now”
    * if you can ever feel cool, putting some thing on after a double mastectomy, this would be it
    * material is beyond comfortable. It helps with the pain.
    * zip front is amazing
    * the width of the strap is great
    * it’s like the best quality sports bra that ever lived

  5. vianesa Antomarchi

    after my bilateral mastectomy, the tightness felt comfortable. but afterwards I wish the upper part was cut lower and the lower part was longer. the upper part would go into my underarms. the lower part was right where the drainage tubes were. also if you had one with softer material, not as tight. I still would recommend it. You do feel safer doing your everyday things while your healing, feeling safe. thank you for designing the residence bra.

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