The Resilience Bra – Pick Your Size

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This post-surgical bra is soft, breathable fabric stretches to accommodate swelling while also providing uniform support and comfort.


  • Flexible and supportive front closure can be used to hold surgical
    dressings in place.
  • Padded shoulder straps allow for easy adjustment for caregivers and
    patients with limited arm movement.
  • Drain pocket holders accommodate for up for two drains at one time and
    front is made mesh material to easily see drain output and color.
  • Adjustable Bands allow for easy adjustment around rib cage with ability to
    tighten to loosen each side for maximum comfort or compression during
    all times of the day.
  • Interior compartments can be used to hold a breast prothesis or an icepack.
  • Drain Tubing Holders allow for drain tubing security against the body;
    limiting opportunity for tubing to be ripped or tugged during everyday life
    after recovery.



The Resilience Bra is currently being designed and will begin its beta testing phase with 5 and growing plastic surgeons soon! Please feel free to reach out to with any comments, questions, or concerns! We appreciate you!

1 review for The Resilience Bra – Pick Your Size

  1. “I had four different surgeries during my breast cancer journey. Two of them were due to complications that I had wearing the surgical bra that was provided to me after surgery. If I would have worn the Resilience Bra, my healing process would have been more comfortable, especially with the adjustable bands and detachable drain bulb pockets.”

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