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Three Strands Recovery Wear and the Resilience Bra was founded by Leah Wyrick in 2018 as a freshman at Wake Forest University. In 2016, her mother, Nancy, was diagnosed with breast cancer. Her cancer was treated with a mastectomy that resulted in three subsequent surgeries due to complications. During her mother’s recovery, Leah saw first-hand the complications her mother endured, specifically with drains and bra discomfort, and became inspired to help others that may have a similar experience due to the lack of advancements in today’s surgical bras. Leah teamed up with Dr. Samuel Roy, a plastic surgeon in Salisbury, North Carolina, to create the Resilience Bra, a patent-pending, post-operative bra for mastectomies, breast reconstruction, and other breast-related cosmetic surgeries.

We would not be where we are today without the love and support from our customers and our growing community. There are so many women and families who have gone through a breast cancer or breast cosmetic surgery that we want to reach. With your help, we can give support back to the women of the present and women in the future whose lives can be touched by our product and the community we intend to build among strong women like yourselves. 


While attending school full time, Leah’s company,Three Strands Recovery Wear, was selected to enter the Winston Starts Program, a startup incubator in Winston Salem, NC, that assists entrepreneurs in developing and scaling their businesses. Three Strands was also a recipient of the NC IDEA Micro grant in the 2021 cycle.

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