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Most frequent questions and answers

The Resilience Bra is designed to accommodate various types of breast surgeries, including but not limited to breast cancer-related procedures and cosmetic surgeries. It is suitable for procedures such as Biopsy, Radiation, Lumpectomy, Mastectomy, Breast Reconstruction, Breast Lift, Breast Reduction, Breast Augmentation, and Breast Explant.

Yes, the Resilience Bra has received endorsements from numerous surgeons and is currently being used in prominent hospital facilities under the guidance of trusted physicians and mastectomy boutiques.

Unfortunately, the Resilience Bra is not available for online purchase at the moment. However, we have established partnerships with numerous mastectomy boutiques and hospitals across North Carolina that carry the Resilience Bra. To locate the nearest store offering the Resilience Bra, please visit our Store Locator tab.

We apologize for any inconvenience. If there’s no Resilience Bra carrier near you, we recommend expressing your interest to your local mastectomy boutique or surgeon. Feel free to share our information with them, and encourage them to reach out to us at We are always open to establishing new partnerships and would be delighted to bring the Resilience Bra to more locations.

Yes, the Resilience Bra is typically eligible for reimbursement through most insurance companies. They often cover a portion or the entirety of the cost for our products, including the Resilience Bra. To get detailed information about the reimbursement process, we recommend consulting with your mastectomy boutique. They can guide you through the necessary steps and provide assistance in maximizing your insurance benefits.

Currently, the Resilience Bra is available in sizes M-3XL and comes in our classic solid black color. Exciting news for 2024: we will be expanding our size range to M-4XL and introducing a new color option, featuring both black and nude choices. Stay tuned for these updates!